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Real Estate Buying and Selling Need to Sell Your Home Fast?

Need to Sell Your Home Fast?

If you need to sell your home fast and for cash, you have come to the right place. We are professional home buyers and believe in treating all people fairly. 

There are several reasons our clients need to sell their home fast and for cash. Maybe there is a job opportunity in another state and you need to be there by next week to make it work. You don’t have time to clean out the house and do repairs.

Instead you need someone who will buy your home today and close in a matter of days so you can go. We can do that!

Below are some of the reasons people call me to sell their home fast. 


We get a lot of calls from people relocating who need to be there ASAP. Whether it’s a job or personal reasons we work with you directly on a price that makes sense for you and for us.

We respond quickly and efficiently to your request for a cash offer and I personally come to your home.

We can close in a matter of days to put cash in your pocket for the move. 

Inherited properties

A lot of the time, a family will inherit a property in our local community and they live in another state and don’t have time to fly out here to do the repairs needed to list the property.

Totally understandable and everyone can relate to that. We will work with you to make sure all the paperwork is together to sell your home fast and get cash out of the property.

I will drive the property and or meet with tenants if necessary, and have a cash offer that same day.  

Behind on mortgage payments

Use your property as the asset it is! Just because you are behind on the payments, doesn’t mean you can’t sell it to me for more than you owe and pay off the loan.

I see all too often, home owners think they can’t sell the property when it is a notice of default or a notice of sale. The bank wants to foreclose the home so they can make money on the loan PLUS more when they auction the property.

I will buy your home before the banks can foreclose and put money in your pocket!

Typically, I can purchase a home as long as there are two weeks left before the auction date. 


It is always sad when marriages end. People that are getting a divorce need to divide assets up quickly to make sure each person gets their half.

Often times, people in this situation do not want to wait for a long escrow or realtors to list for an average of 70 days. They want a clean transaction and the profit divided up as quickly as possible.

We purchase the home from them and I make it as easy as possible to move on. We offer cash and close as quickly as they would like. 

Convenience – Realtors and showings are very inconvenient

You do not need a realtor to sell your home.

This is one of the most common misconceptions in the real estate industry. Maybe your home needs maintenance and or you are a very private person who does not want people walking through your home.

A lot of our clients do not want people to walk through their homes and rather sell to us.

We skip all the showings, time, and do not collect a single penny of realtor commissions to buy your home directly from you for a fair price. 

Landlords wanting to get out of the landlord business

Being a landlord is a tough job with the ever changing laws and dealing with trouble tenants. If you have a trouble tenant, fear not! We will buy the property AS-IS and deal with evictions ourselves.

Evictions can be expensive and your time as an investor should be spent doing more profitable things. We will handle the 30 day notices and security deposits after we close on the property. You get your cash out of the deal so you can put it to work somewhere else.

Connect With Me!

If you are at all thinking about selling your home for cash, we should sit down. I’m am happy to walk you through the process and find the right solution for you.

Depending on the situation, your best solution may not be selling your home! You may want to put a tenant in there to pay the mortgage or do a rent to own with someone who will put enough money down to catch up your late payments.

Every property is different and I am happy to sit with you in person to go over your options.


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