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Real Estate Buying and Selling Selling Your Home to a Cash Investor vs. Listing...

Selling Your Home to a Cash Investor vs. Listing with a Real Estate Agent

Selling your home does not have to be a big hassle with realtors and constant groups of people walking through your home. It also does not have to be time consuming! If you are trying to sell your home fast for cash, you’ve come to the right place.

The Carson Group is a professional home buyer who will buy your home for cash and never charge a fee or commission in doing so.

Our offer is always cash and closing on your timeline, meaning, if you need some time to move, I am happy to give you reasonable time to move out or even a longer escrow to ensure you have everything you need to move. 

Cash Investor vs. Real Estate Agent

Selling to a Cash Investor Like The Carson Group (ME!)

When it comes to selling to a cash investor, you should always be working with the end buyer. This means, I do not represent anyone in the transaction (I am not a real estate agent/realtor), so you save money in the fees and escrow process

I will not require any inspections because I buy properties AS-IS and it is clear in the purchase agreement that the home is being bought AS-IS. This means you do not need to spend ANY money out-of-pocket for:

  • Deferred Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs

I pay 100% of the closing costs associated with the purchase of your home. Usually, when you sell your home with a realtor, the seller loses about 10% in the transaction. Agent commissions 6%, escrow and title fees about 2-3%, and the new buyer usually wants you to do some repairs or concessions about 1%. 

I work with you on a timeline that works for you and your family for closing. If you need someone who can close quickly I can do that. If you need 45-60 days, I can do that. 

Sell your home in a matter of two hours by filling out the online form and having me come to the property right away. 

Listing Your House With a Realtor

Listing agreements can be confusing and usually are 5-6% of the sales price. 

You will need to do minor repairs prior to listing. This can include but isn’t limited to:

  • New paint
  • Cleaning and Decluttering (Deep Housecleaning)
  • Minor Maintenance – HVAC, plumbing, loose doors or railings, etc. 

Depending on the price, it could take a minimum of 60 days before you accept an offer and then another 30-45 days to close the transaction. Selling your home for market value is not for everyone.

Buyers WILL ask for inspections regardless of the purchase price. And a buyer on the open market, can pull out of the transaction for any reason after they get the inspection report. 

You will be required, most likely, to pay some of the closing costs as well as the realtor commissions. 

Cash Offer or Listing Traditionally?

Ready to sell your home? Whether you want to sell to a cash investor like me or list traditionally, do your research.

At The Carson Group we pride ourselves in the fact that all of our clients’ (whether they sell to us or not), are able to use us a free resource. If it makes sense to sell for cash, we will tell you. If it makes sense to list traditionally, we will refer you to a trust-worthy and GREAT realtor.

Get a Cash Offer

If you’re open to getting a cash offer for your home, fill out the form below.

I will personally talk to you and come out to your home to see what the right direction is for you. 


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